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It goes without saying that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of all time. Much like Tarantino, DiCaprio has a career filled with critically acclaimed movies. His list of nominations and wins is incredible and he is a perennial Oscar contender having been nominated six times.

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It is difficult to pick a favorite DiCaprio performance. Chances are OUTinHollywood will continue the trend. As aging actor Rick Dalton, DiCaprio puts on what is arguably the finest performance of this storied career. Dalton is an aging actor whose career seems to be on the downswing.

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It sounds like a trope, but Dalton is different. He is self aware and is willing to change with the times. He is not a struggling actor forced to take on demeaning work. He is an older one who is taking the parts he wants in order to stay relevant. DiCaprio brings a realism and charm to Dalton that makes it work.

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Dalton is not so much a flawed person as he is a regular one. Early in the film he states he worked hard, got lucky, treaded water, and is now being forced out the door. In other words, he is just another person who was in the right place at the right time but now that time is up. Anyone in the audience can relate to Rick. Rick is a very emotional person. Throughout his career, DiCaprio has done a great job of demonstrating his range. OUTinHollywood is no different, as Rick goes through a myriad of emotions over the course of the movie.

Rick deals with bouts of self doubt, sadness, and anger and DiCaprio displays them all perfectly. Rick Dalton may be a famous actor, but DiCaprio makes him seen as vulnerable as anyone else. Normally, audiences cheer for DiCaprio because he is the hero or the damaged person trying to make good. Here, he brings humor to the character that is normally not seen. Rick is a complex character and DiCaprio plays the part perfectly.

Cliff is the motivational friend everyone has. The person who sees every glass as half full and is always there to give a pat you a pat on the back. What makes Cliff such an endearing character is how grounded he is.

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Despite knowing things can be much better, he walks around with a smile on his face and is eager to help his friend. He does not have the same shaken confidence that plagues Rick and is very happy with how his life has turned out.

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Every time Tate is on screen, the entire movie seems to take on a lighter tone. Tate is impossibly bubbly.

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