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Moreover, given its approach and scope, a work like Mukherji's should reach a wide audience beyond linguistics, which is vital for the dissemination of the biolinguistics project that he elegantly introduces. Search Search.

10 Types of Grammar (and Counting)

Search Advanced Search close Close. Preview Preview. The Primacy of Grammar By Nirmalangshu Mukherji A proposal that the biolinguistic approach to human languages may have identified, beyond the study of language, a specific structure of the human mind. Not for sale on the Indian subcontinent.

Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s Praise. Semantics as science. On shell structure. London: Routledge. Grammar as science.

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Deprez, and H. The evolution of language: biolinguistic perspectives. New York: Cambridge University Press.


Knowledge of meaning. Iatridou, U. Lahiri, and J. Control and grammar. Adjectives and Concord. Bled, Slovenia. October 11, Larson, R. The AP Linguistics Initiative. Ohio State University. September 14, Quantifier Scope and Topicality in Mandarin. University of Wisconsin-Madison. May 6, Larson, R. Ezafe, PP and the Nature of Nominalization. University of Chicago. April 28, Larson, R. Rethinking Cartography.

Biolinguistic Conference on Interface Asymmetries. New York University. November 11, Larson, R.

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Larson, Y. Liu, L. Liu and G.

Hypothesis and Theory ARTICLE

Rethinking quantifier scope in Mandarin. University of Iceland. Reykjavik, Iceland. October 29, Transitive agreement? Stony Brook Linguistics Brownbag presentation. Applicative Shift and Light Heads in Mandarin. Quantificational states and argument separation. Workshop on the Syntax and Semantics of the Nominal Domain.

Syntactic phrase structures

Frankfurt University, February 5 Warlpiri adjoined clauses. Workshop on the internal and external syntax of adverbial clauses. Hierarchies of projections vs. Nominal structure and interpretation. Tutorial: the structure and projection of DP. One-Day Workshop on Syntax and Semantics.

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Broad and Narrow Language Faculties. March 18 Root Transformations and Quantificational Structure. Sept Oct 01 Underlying Form. May Cheung "Make" as a triadic unaccusative. February , Chinese psych verbs and covert clausal complementation. Zazaki "double Ezafe" as double case-marking. Linguistic Society of America Annual Meetings.


Albuquerque, NM January 8, Two-goal datives. Albuquerque, NM January 8 The position and interpretation of nominal modifiers in Indo-Iranian. A Grammar of Anaphora is a very fine book that takes a long step beyond recently published work. Not only is the work itself extremely important, but it is also very lucidly presented.

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In fact, the book could virtually offer an introduction at a relatively advanced level to recent work in the theory of government and binding. Samuel Jay Keyser. Stefan Keine.

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