How To Carve A Wood Spirit

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Wood spirit tutorial.

How to Prepare the wood

A detailed step by step carving a wood spirit series , 1 drawing, carving basic shape spirit,. This will be the first of a series on step by step carving a woodspirit, this video will be 1 , drawing and carving a simple pattern of Wood Spirit 1 Stage 2.

This video documents the second stage of carving a simple wood spirit. It only requires basic carving tools yet endless characters Quick Wood Spirit Power Carving.

How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick

Hi Here is a quick wood spirit. I used only one kutzall original taper fine bit, a diamond bit, plus a steel bit. Sanding and torching at With practice you can create your own creatures and Wood Spirits.

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  • The Differences Between Whittling And Wood Carving.

Wood Spirits make excellent gifts for the person who has every thing. Learn from Betty Robertson who has taught local classes and has been carving years.

Forest Spirit Wood Carving: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

About Betty Robertson The author took a class for carving wood spirits many years ago. After creating her first few carvings she joined the local chapter of wood carvers and entered their annual show where she won a blue ribbon and best of the novice group.

She has been in local craft shows and began teaching local classes. Betty teaches no nonsense approach to carving that is easy to learn and follow the direction. Learn to carve with Betty as her book takes the pictures from her DVD How to Carve a Wood Spirit and creates a step by step instruction for beginning carvers.

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Carving a simple wood spirit

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How tо Carve Wood

Step-by-step techniques with 75 clear photos and text detailing the carving action. Additional Information Weight 0.

Wood Spirits and Green