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Useful Links. Mobile Apps. Tablet cartoon 1 of Search ID: jsh Dislike this cartoon?

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Tablet cartoon 2 of Search ID: jwhn Tablet cartoon 3 of Tablet cartoon 4 of I couldn't put down my screen. Tablet cartoon 5 of Welcome back students.

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Search ID: gra Tablet cartoon 6 of Search ID: CC Tablet cartoon 7 of We lost our signal. Search ID: rhan Tablet cartoon 8 of Sales of Viagra Artist: Sipress, David. Search ID: RC Tablet cartoon 9 of Summer reading for the family. Artist: Shanahan, Danny. Tablet cartoon 10 of Sometimes, actually, much, much later, only when you find yourself in the same situation as the one of the above parents at a restaurant We perfectly understand those people who, while coming to a restaurant, wish to enjoy not only their meal, but also the atmosphere of the very place.

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Peace and quiet, relaxation, talking in whispers They want to sit on the same chairs the adults do. Nela came to this conclusion still before her first birthday. But in Poland, the situation is simply different.


Sure, he sensed that we could stay for dinner which eventually happened; the spaghetti was excellent, and the pizza was baked in a fantastic oven , but we get the impression that in Poland a family with two children is not considered to be the most-desirable customer.

It is precisely then that watching cartoons seems to be an ideal way out. And we all win. We have taught them how to enjoy their meal: firstly, while preparing it, and secondly, due to the very fact that time is being spent with their family.

That is why a cartoon at a restaurant is merely an attraction — an attraction which gives you the possibility to calmly bargain over something more. While entering a restaurant with our children, we promise them that if they well-behave while waiting for their orders colouring books are often helpful here and eat their dinner without complaining this, on the other hand, is not a problem, there are no fussy eaters at our house , they will be allowed to watch their favourite movie.

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  • Therefore, if they have eaten whatever they had ordered, we see no harm in them watching their daily, minute-long dose of cartoons at the very table at the restaurant. Even though we hold interesting discussions in high regard and consider conversations with our children to be the best way of spending family time at a restaurant Every now and then, when children grow tired of sightseeing, instead of waiting for too long — which may result in a couple of minutes of crying — we let them watch a cartoon on a smartphone and enjoy the time spent together, just the two of us, and take delight in the place we happen to be at the moment.

    All the more as there are much more children watching cartoons on tablets around us than couples who would condemn such an approach towards raising children. Or who would even condemn the fact that some parents dared to take their child to a restaurant.