What Really Sells on eBay Today: What Top Powersellers Refuse to Tell You!

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Ebay has kicked me in the teeth for the last time!! Yes I am Joe Small the guy who built Ebay!! In this time of economic disaster Ebay should be helping the world instead of tearing it down!! President Obama should rink Ebay and Paypals neck! I would think this is a growing trend as, counter-intuitively, alongside lower disposable incomes, exists a thoughtful consumer for whom price is not the be all and end all. They basically sell the same tat that you can buy on the High Street. Trouble with mainstream is you have to compete with some very very big boys, and we all know what that leads to: price wars.

Good for consumers maybe, but not good economically and in the long term for all concerned.

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When I was a kid I used to love to poking in the secondhand shops of Brighton, you could take in a load of books, get credit against them, buy another load of books …. There were unusual record shops, junk shops, market stalls …. If eBay is your main venue start looking elsewhere NOW! The most obvious move is having your own site, blog, mailing list, facebook, etc.

I have a horrible feeling that you are right. But I also thought about one very serious critisism of Politicians. That is Short Termism.

In the Politicians case its whats going to have an effect by the Next General Election. Anything that involves planning for the Long Term is out of the question. I find myself wondering if that is a large part of the problem with ebay today. Ebay and the Big Players are only looking at the bottom line for the next quarter or half years figures. When I mentioned above that the small sellers the acorns can in a few cases grow into the Big Players The Oak Trees of the future.

But there have to be policies that is sympathetic to that happening. Of course the current Big Players do not really want the current small and medium sellers to grow into tomorrows big players because it could very well be achieved by taking volume of the current big sellers. In ebays case they are just happy to take the fees and percentages and are not really that interested which name is providing them as long as ebay gets the benefit. Chris, ebay have stumbled from one quarter to the next for many years.

You only have to look at the timeline for the various changes to see that. Too many folk trying to justify their jobs and coming up with all the various changes and crackpot ideas. Never has the advice to not have all your eggs in one basket been more apt.

eBay: want to leave negative feedback? You can't if it's a 'Power Seller' - Telegraph

Of course you are right. The very same problems exist right through Britain and ebay. Short termism at its very worst. Nobody really interested in planning for the long term future only trying to come up with justifications for their own job and often items to put on their CV because they do not expect to be round long enough for the brown and smelly to hit the fan because they have not though through properly the effects of their actions.

In my case I have a long term ambition to sell my accumulated stock and to retire. I have ideas for the rest of my life and you will not be surprised to learn that ebay actually forms no part of it. I am only a private seller on ebay now — I closed my shop and business account on eBay in and moved to Amazon and my own website.

11 Things To Do BEFORE You Start Selling On Ebay

There are some problems with selling on Amazon, but on the whole they are much easier to deal with and I get far better sales. However when I stopped selling on eBay I also for the main part stopped buying too. Usually for products that have been discontinued, but smaller sellers still have in stock, so I snap up all I can find.

It was on the wall when they tried to bring in ebay express and when this failed they thought they could bring it in through the back door. All this catalogue stuff is either to do with Google placement or geared towards the biggest sellers and my bet is its the second one. I wonder how many companies have been doing million pound eBay turnover for more than five years? If you go into the archive and look back over the months and years you will find that many agree with you.

What is so frustrating is that the underlying causes of the decline are almost always self inflicted. I suspect that if the powers that be within ebay were to listen and act upon the opinions of so many within ebay land that they could still turn it around. Although like trying to steer a Super Tanker it will take time to change direction.

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But I believe that there still is time but it is certainly running out. If they want to take ebay forward rather than kill it over time they have to start soon. By this stage they could voice their complaint less forcibly — or forget to make it at all. The scores can be viewed by others who are thinking of doing business with you.

1. Establish a Reputable Account

My eBay 'buyer protection' nightmare. My five tips for earning a living by selling on eBay. Holly Watt, who lives in London, recently purchased a book from a power seller on eBay and "instantly realised that it was going to be sent to the wrong address" as she had just moved house. Shortly after, Ms Watt sent an email to the seller explaining the situation but the seller dispatched the item to the wrong address because the order had already been processed. Because of this, Ms Watt decided to leave negative feedback, which she had never done before on eBay.

Much to her surprise, she was unable to leave neutral or negative feedback for seven days because the seller was a Power Seller. Power Sellers must have received at least feedback ratings, and have a score of 98pc or more which is positive. A spokesman for eBay said: "Power Sellers have built up a track-record of sales of over items and been selling on eBay for over a year, so they have seven days to put right customer complaints before negative feedback can be left.

In this particular case, eBay claimed the seller had already processed the order by the time Ms Watt contacted it to change the address. Astonishingly, he received dozens of offers and questions from potential buyers. Some wanted to know how the sprouts would taste and others inquired about their size. He did the same thing a year later, this time with five Brussels sprouts. Giving up everything: Ian Usher put his 'life' for sale after his wife left him. His eBay listing included his three-bedroom house in Perth and everything inside of it —car, jet ski and parachuting gear included.

Usher even promised the highest bidder a trial at his job and an introduction to his friends. Seven years later, he has learnt how to fly a plane, run with bulls in Pamplona, met millionaire Richard Branson and purchased his own Caribbean island.

eBay Sales Down? Here’s How eBay Might Be Working Against You

His bat was known as Black Betsy, a reference to its dark color. British radio DJ Tim Shaw should have thought twice before telling glamour model Jodie Marsh he would leave his wife for her live on air in June As it turned out, his wife, Hayley, was listening — and she lost no time in launching a counter-attack. The Lotus Esprit Turbo sold in minutes.

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